In recent years, as part of its investment strategy, the group has realized some of its primary assets in Israel and diverted a significant portion of its resources to investments abroad. Among the assets that were liquidated were properties in Jerusalem, as well as a commercial property and office space in Tel Aviv. In the past, the group operated as a real estate developer, and built several residential projects in the Jerusalem area. Today the group still holds land in Jerusalem and Tiberias, as well as parts of office buildings in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Title Category Address Description
50 Bayt Arledan Haneviim 29, Jerusalem, Israel Arledan built a six-story office building, with an area of 3,200 square meters in the center of Jerusalem in the 1980s. For a time the group had its head offices in the building, and it is still called Arledan House. Over the years the group has sold the bulk of its holdings in the building, and retains 100 square metres of commercial space and storage. Furthermore, the group has retained ownership of a plot of land next to the building. The plot is home to a building erected in 1872, which served in the past as a children\'s hospital, and which is designated for preservation. The property is currently rented to an NGO that assists hospitalized children and their families from Arab countries.
49 Land in Tiberias Habanim, Tiberias, Israel Arledan holds 11,500 square meters of beachfront property in the city of Tiberias. The property was purchased in the 1970s, and the Group is considering ways to develop it. The attractiveness of the property is due to its location on the banks of the Sea of Galilee.
48 Bayt Ofakim Menachem Begin 82, Tel Aviv In 2006 Arledan purchased part of the Tel Aviv office building known as Ofakim House. The area of the building is approximately 13,000 square metres, and Arledan purchased about 2,400 square meters. Arledan has subsequently sold most of its holdings in the building, but has retained 1,100 square metres, which is rented out to the Israeli Bar Association. The level of finishing and location of the property in a central office district of Tel Aviv significantly added to its value over the time Arledan has held it.