About the Company

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Arledan Investments Ltd. ("Arledan") is one of Israel`s leading public investment companies.

The company invests in several areas such as real estate, publishing, print, electronics and startups, as well as various financial investments.

The company was incorporated in 1971 as a private corporation, and acted primarily as a real estate developer.

In 1981 Arledan went public, and its shares have been traded ever since on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Arledan`s main areas of activity are as follows:

1. Real Estate and Construction - Arledan acts as a developer with regard to properties it owns, and also rents out various commercial and residential properties, primarily in the city of Jerusalem. Some of the projects Arledan has successfully developed over the years include residential projects in the neighbourhoods of French Hill, Gilo, Givat Oranim and Mevaseret Zion, as well as residential and commercial projects in downtown Jerusalem.

2. Publishing - Through its subsidiary, the Keter Publishing House, Arledan is one of Israel`s leading publishers of quality literature, as well as providing management, production and marketing services to the "Ma`ariv Library",the publishing arm of one of Israel`s largest daily newspapers. Keter recently merged its publishing business with that of the Steimatzky Group Ltd., which is also Israel`s largest retail bookstore chain. The joint activity is conducted in a new company called Keter Books Ltd., which is owned 81% by Keter and 19% by Steimatzky.

3. Print - Through Keter`s printing plant Arledan provides production and print services, primarily to other printing houses and commercial customers. Keter recently took over the printing arm of "Keter Digital", which specializes in commercial digital printing.

4. Importing and Marketing of Electronic Components - Arledan is a major shareholder in Telsys Ltd., one of Israel`s largest importers and marketers of electronic parts.

5. High-Tech Startups - Arledan has invested in several Israeli high tech startup companies, both directly and through its membership in the Hi Tech Investors Group.

Arledan is a veryliquid and stable investment company.The company`s shareholders equity stands at NIS 207 million according to the IFRS (most of it in cash and short term investments) andfinances 37% of its combined balance sheet.

The company`s high level of liquidity puts it in a convenient position to take advantage of business opportunities in both Israel and abroad.

Arledan seeks to add value to its investment portfolio by locating entrepreneurial investment opportunities which would give expression to the company`s decades of business and management experience.