Real Estate

The heart of Arledan's business activities is real estate. The group owns assets in Israel, Germany and the United States. In Israel, this includes land for development in Jerusalem and Tiberias, as well as office rental properties in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. In Germany, the group currently owns eleven properties in various locations, including logistical centers, offices and residential accommodations. In 2011 the group entered into the American market, assembling a varied portfolio that includes student housing, residential rental properties, office buildings and commercial assets.

In recent years, as part of its investment strategy, the group has realized some of its primary assets in Israel...
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In 2011 Arledan Group entered into the American Real estate market as part of the Diversification of it's investment portfolio...
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Arledan began acquiring assets in Germany in 2007, and took advantage of the country's relative economic strength and the stability...
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