Keren Nadlan

Keren Nadlan is a real estate developer focused on urban renewal projects based on Israel’s National Outline Plan known as Tama-38/2, which means the company demolishes and reconstructs old residential buildings, providing the original building’s landlords a new, larger apartment in a brand new building at no cost for the landlord, and in exchange capitalizing on the additional building rights provided by the state in accordance with the abovementioned national plan.

The company is run professionally while maintaining a high level of satisfaction among both landlords and purchasers. It is managed by Mr. Gidi Rabinovitch and Mr. Yoav Moran, both highly-experienced veterans in the local construction industry, who run a professional team of architects, engineers and construction workers, who are doing an exceptional job.

Arledan Group entered Keren Nadlan as a partner a few years after it was established and added to the company’s managerial capabilities and its financial strength, providing potential customers great confidence and allowing the company to give its customers the best service while enjoying great financing terms, superior to those of many of its competitors.

Keren Nadlan’s website (Hebrew)