In recent years, as part of its investment strategy, the group has realized some of its primary assets in Israel…

Keren Nadlan is an urban renewal expert developer focused on TAMA 38/2 projects (TAMA is the hebrew acronym for National Outline Plan), which is a national plan that incentivizes landlords in old buildings to demolish and reconstruct their buildings by granting them additional building rights. Keren Nadlan receives the excess building rights in exchange for […]



In 2011 Arledan Group entered into the American Real estate market as part of the Diversification of it’s investment portfolio…

372 Danbury Road, Wilton, Connecticut

Location: Danbury Road 372, Wilton, CT Year acquired: 2013 Ownership: 23% Zoning: Office Area: 65,000 Square feet A variety of tenants, among them medical, are renting an office in this Class-A office building in Wilton, CT. The year-1 NOI for this property reflected an attractive yield and the property was meant to be a long-term […]

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Arledan began acquiring assets in Germany in 2007, and took advantage of the country’s relative economic strength and the stability…

Donaustrasse 77, Nuerenberg, Germany

The property was purchased in 2008, and is rented for both commercial and office usage. The rentable area is about 4,000 square meters.

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Otto-Hahn-Strasse 27, Wittlich

The property was purchased in 2008 and houses a large international manufacturer of commercial vehicles and equipment…

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Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse 12, Wittlich

The property was purchased in 2008 and serves entirely as a logistics center and offices for an international courier and distribution company.

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