Keren Nadlan

Urban renewal project

Keren Nadlan is an urban renewal expert developer focused on TAMA 38/2 projects (TAMA is the hebrew acronym for National Outline Plan), which is a national plan that incentivizes landlords in old buildings to demolish and reconstruct their buildings by granting them additional building rights. Keren Nadlan receives the excess building rights in exchange for providing the landlords a brand new and improved building at zero cost. The company does so while maintaining a high professional level and providing its customers a high level of service.

During the past few years Keren Nadlan has started and executed around two dozens such projects and hundreds of residential units. Ten of those projects are already fully populated and many others are in advanced stages of planning or execution.

Arledan holds 50% of the equity in Keren Nadlan, which it acquired during 2015.

More details about Keren Nadlan including a full list of its projects can be found here (Hebrew only).