TELSYS – 20.83%

Telsys Ltd. was founded in 1963 and is one of Israel’s largest distributors of electronic components. The company focuses on semiconductors, subsystems, passives, connectors, microwaves, telecom/datacom products and more. Telsys’ customers use the technology in the components it supplies to design and manufacture products in various different branches of the high-tech industry: defense, medical, industrial, telecom, security and more. With more than 50 years of industry experience, Telsys is innovative and responsive to global business demands and requirements, working together with its customers and suppliers to ensure their business success. Telsys has been an authorized distributor for many years of significant suppliers such as: Texas Instruments, Lattice, Mindspeed, Cirrus Logic, Molex, AMCC, RAFI, Nanya, Macronix and more. Telsys is a public company, traded on the Israeli stock exchange. Arledan Group purchased its holdings in Telsys in the early 1990’s and currently owns 21% of the company.